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California Statewide Goals:Preventing Heart Attacks, Strokes and Diabetic Complication

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The Coalition believes that health status should not be the basis for any form of discrimination.  People with chronic conditions should be afforded the same access to care as the non-chronically ill, independent of age, ethnicity or socio-economic status.  The coalition represents the full spectrum of California’s diverse ethnic populations and communities, including all ages and income levels.

Planning for the Future of Health Care

The California Chronic Care Coalition (CCCC) is a unique alliance of more than 30 leading consumer health organizations and provider groups that promote the collaborative work of policy makers, industry leaders, providers, and consumers to improve the health of Californians with chronic conditions.  We envision a system of care that is accessible, affordable, and of a high-quality that emphasizes prevention, coordinated care, and the patient’s wellness and longevity.  Features of the CCCC include the early diagnosis of chronic conditions, access to effective and appropriate treatment and improved chronic care management.

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The Coalition’s goals and values have, since its inception, been to represent California’s Chronic Care community (Health consumers, Providers and Policy organizations), advocating for:

  • Prevention: The coalition embraces the traditional definition of Prevention in three:
    • Primary: Services which prevent a condition from ever presenting
    • Secondary: Services which detect a condition prior to clinical symptoms
    • Tertiary: Services focusing on diagnosis, then management of chronic conditions, after presentation of clinical symptoms 

  • Affordability: The CCCC addresses access to affordable healthcare from the perspective of household income (total operating costs) that is appropriate and reasonable.  
  • Access to Care: Ensuring universal access to health care coverage, including individuals who have pre-existing conditions.  The coalition sees good healthcare as a team effort that involves the health consumer, physician, pharmacist, institution and insurer or health plan. The Coalition believes the concept of the “Medical Home”, in which patients receive integrated care from a team of professionals, is essential to healthcare reform.  
  • Quality:  Access and effectiveness. The Coalition believes patient-centered care based on current professional knowledge and scientific evidence is critical for improving health outcomes.


In 2007, at the request of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s administration, non-profit health advocacy organizations representing chronic conditions formed a working group. Our mission was to represent the voice of the chronic care consumer, as 2007 was named “The Year of Health Reform for California.”

The CCCC  focused on the five key principles of health care reform listed below and launched a statewide push for comprehensive health care reform.

  • Comprehensive prevention policies to fight chronic conditions
  • Every Californian is guaranteed they can buy health insurance
  • Provides coverage for all and requires every California to have insurance including affordability
  • Increases Medi-Cal reimbursements to doctors and hospitals
  • Promotes contribution from all sectors

In its first two years the CCCC served as a recognized resource for the Office of the Governor, the California State legislature, regulators, the press, statewide and national organizations.

Realizing the importance and value we brought to the health care debate, in May of 2007, our working group formalized, becoming the California Chronic Care Coalition (CCCC).